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Energy Division

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The Energy Council, which falls under the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs, is responsible for receiving complaints relative to New Jersey Natural Gas, Jersey Central Power and Light, Atlantic City Electric, Modern Gas Service, Hess Corp Energy Service and Public Service Electric & Gas Co.

Upon receipt of any complaint, we will review the complaint and if can be resolved locally we will do so and if not it will be forwarded to the appropriate agency.

Energy Conservation Tips

Make energy choices that are smart choices:

  • Turn off lights when leaving the room or if not needed
  • Have a home energy audit performed
  • Ventilate & insulate attic space
  • Close heating vents or radiators in rooms you do not use
  • Use ceiling fans for cooling
  • Lower your thermostat at night and use more blankets in the winter
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed when there is no fire in the fireplace
  • Turn off television sets, stereos, computers and other electric appliances whenever you are not using them
  • Look for energyguide labels before you purchase appliances to compare energy efficiency
  • Use energy efficient bulbs
  • Check the door seal on your refrigerator to see if it is worn and needs to be replaced
  • Install energy-efficient windows when replacing
  • Repair and weatherize your current storm windows
  • Replace or clean filters on heating and cooling systems
  • In the winter, close your curtains and shades at night and open them during the day to let the sun warm the room
  • Caulk and weatherstrip your home
  • Keep heating registers and air vents cleared of obstacles
  • Conserve water whenever possible
  • Check for water leaks & dripping faucets
  • Do not leave your refrigerator door open
  • Install an attic fan
  • Set your thermostat to the lowest temperature that still keeps you comfortable