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Staying Warm Tips

Consumers should take the following steps to protect themselves when ordering home heating oil or firewood for their home this winter.

Because of the inspectors and the investigations conducted by the Office of Weights and Measures, consumers can have confidence when shopping in today's marketplace.


Q. What should I be aware of when I purchase home heating oil?

A. You should be aware that home heating oil is sold by volume in gallons.


  • The seller must give you a "serialized" delivery ticket showing the name and address of the buyer and seller;
  • The delivery date;
  • The number of gallons delivered;
  • The grade of the fuel delivered; and the
  • Signature of the person making the delivery.


Q. How can I be sure that I'm getting that for which I've paid when I purchase firewood for my home?

A. To determine if you are receiving the correct amount, you should know that firewood is sold by a measurement known as a "cord." A cord occupies 128 cubic feet, which measures 4 x 4 x 8.


  • Measure the wood before using it and consider measuring the wood on the truck before it is dropped;
  • Get a sales receipt, which is required, indicating the seller's name, address, telephone number and the price, amount and kind of firewood purchased;
  • In the event that the firewood was delivered, write down the license number of the delivery vehicle;
  • When you buy firewood, ask the seller to stack the wood, there may be an additional fee involved;
  • Take a picture of the stack if you think there is a discrepancy.
  • Make sure you look for a reputable dealer. Paying cash for a "good deal" is not always a "good deal".

If the problem cannot be resolved, contact the Ocean County Office of Weights and Measures at 732.929.2166.