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The Litter Problem

Tackling the Litter Problem

Litter is an issue affecting our communities, from highways to parks. It takes various forms, including paper, plastics, and cigarette butts.

Where does litter come from? Seven primary sources include pedestrians, motorists, household garbage, commercial containers, loading docks, construction sites, and uncovered trucks.

Why do people litter? Lack of responsibility, a pre-existing littered environment, and a sense of detachment contribute to littering habits.

Why is litter a problem? Even small amounts of litter are unsightly, unhealthy, and dangerous, impacting landscapes, civic pride, and public image.

How are we solving the problem? Beyond local government efforts, residents, schools, and non-profits join forces in cleanup events. These events not only address litter but also educate volunteers, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship.

Get Involved: Join us in making a difference. Learn more about cleanup events and become an environmental steward today!

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