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Department of Solid Waste Management

Woodchips, Mulch and Compost

Woodchips, Mulch and Compost are available free of charge to homeowners and municipalities.

B.Y.O. Bucket If you need a smaller amount, bring your own buckets, bags and shovels.

Our products are tested for Heavy Metals, soluble salts, and pH.

Compost pH test  NRC pH 7.1 SRC pH 7.2 Ideal levels, test Heavy Metals pass and Soluble Salt level ideal

Not sure how much you need?
40 lbs of compost = 0.75 cubic ft
1 cubic foot covers 12 sq ft an inch depth

Residential pickup of material is limited to one pickup truck bed or single-axle trailer-sized load at a time, with no limit on daily visits. Materials available at the Ocean County Recycling Centers in Lakewood & Stafford. Some Municipal Departments of Public Works offer these service as well, see the map below

Northern Recycling Center Residential Pick-up area located at535 Oberlin Avenue South

Southern Recycling Center Residential Pick-up area located at 379 Haywood Road, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Landscapers must use the main entrances and scale.

For more information, please call the Northern Recycling Center at (732) 367-0802 or the Southern Recycling Center at (609) 978-0913.

If interested in material for a Community Garden project, please call (732) 367-0802 to arrange a delivery.