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Reusable bags and plastic film

Do you have too many reusable bags?
Donate them at convenient locations throughout NJ. Find a drop-off near you:

Damaged bags, can be disposed of as textile waste, find a bin near you: Drop off locator

Plastic Bags and Film

Are you looking to dispose of plastic wrap, and bread bags? Please remember plastic bags and film are not accepted in curbside recycling in Ocean County.

Many grocery stores (including Stop & Shop and ShopRite) and "big box" stores (including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Kohls, and Sam's Club) have programs for plastic bag recycling, and will typically have a drop off box for plastic bags near main entrances or by customer service. This is not a mandated recyclabled, the programs are subject to the store sponsoring it, and locations might change their policy.

Terracycle offers a mail in program for plastic packaging from the Bimbo Bakeries USA find more information on their website "Terracycle.com"

Some local schools are collecting plastic bags and film for the TREX Recycling Challenge. Bring clean and dry bags (plastic film) to participating schools and help them win a beautiful bench made of recycled material!
"Click here to see a list of acceptable materials"