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Boats and Jet Skis

As boat and jet ski enthusiasts, we understand the importance of responsible ownership, including proper disposal when the time comes to part ways with your watercraft. This guide provides valuable information on how to dispose of boats and jet skis in an environmentally friendly and legal manner.

Options for Disposal

1. Sell or Donate
Consider selling your boat or jet ski to someone who can continue to enjoy and maintain it. Alternatively, donating to a water sports organization, maritime school, or charitable cause can provide a second life for your vessel. Here are some organizations accepting boats, jetskis and sailboats
Charity Boats
Its Donated
Boat Angel

2. Trade-In Programs
Some dealerships offer trade-in programs when you purchase a new boat or jet ski. This can be a convenient way to upgrade while ensuring responsible disposal of your old watercraft.

3. Recycling & Disposal Services
Most metal scrappers do not accept fiberglass watercrafts.