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Department of Solid Waste Management

Bulky Waste

Large items that will not fit into your regular trash/recycling can are considered bulky waste. It might be too large to be recycled or disposed conventionally, requiring a different collection method.

Example of large/bulky household items are furniture, mattresses, doors, carpet, toilets, and more.

Before you decide to toss them, or hope someone will pick it up from your curb consider the following options:

  1. Donate or sell items in good condition:
    Habitat for Humanity will pick up for free 2 items or more

  2. See if your town offers bulk pick up or a drop off center.
    Contacts by Municipality

  3. Zero Waste options for Mattresses:
    Bye Bye Mattress

  4. Garbage removal companies are ideal for large quantities.

  5. Or take it to the Ocean County Landfill. Located at
    2498 Route 70
    Manchester, NJ
    Phone: 732-323-8528