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As outdoor enthusiasts, we recognize the importance of responsible disposal not only for camping equipment but also for various outdoor gear. This guide provides information on eco-friendly and ethical ways to dispose of your camping gear and outdoor equipment.

Options for Disposal

1. Donate, Sell, or Trade-In
Extend the life of your camping gear by donating it to local charities, youth organizations, or fellow outdoor enthusiasts. You can also consider selling it or participating in trade-in programs offered by outdoor gear retailers.

2. Recycling Programs
Explore recycling options for specific materials in your outdoor gear. Some companies, like Ramsey Outdoor and Green Guru Gear, specialize in collecting and upcycling old, worn-out gear.

Ramsey Outdoor Store offers a convenient take-back program to responsibly dispose of outdoor gear and its located in NJ.

Green Guru Gear Upcycling Program collects and upcycle old gear, diverting still useful materials from local landfills. Accepted Materials: Climbing Ropes, Event Banners, and Event Tents. The recommend to send a picture of your materials to recycling@greengurugear.com to confirm if they can be upcycled.

Ship To:
Green Guru Upcycling
2500 47th Street Unit 12
Boulder, CO 80301

3. Fuel Canisters Disposal

Make sure the canister is completely empty of fuel. Use an approved tool to safely puncture the canister and recycle the canister at locations that accept mixed metal recycling.