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NJ Clean Communities Overview

New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide, comprehensive, litter-abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act in 1986.

The mission is to reduce litter in public places, promote the volunteer cleanup of public lands and sustain a reduction in litter through education. The Act provides a funding source for the program by placing a tax on fifteen categories of businesses that may produce litter-generating products. The program focuses on three areas: cleanup, education and enforcement. For more information on the state program visit njclean.org.

Ocean County Clean Communities Program

Ocean County Clean Communities program is part of a statewide strategy to clean and prevent litter on streets, beaches, waterways, parks, recreation sites and vacant lots. Clean Communities Grant funding is used for educational programs, supporting clean up events and implementing adopt-a-road and mini-grant programs.

Together the Departments of Corrections and Solid Waste Management colaborate to provide Ocean County with education and volunteer programs to promote litter reduction, and abatement. Both Departments and its programs are a function of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners, with Commissioner John P. Kelly serving as Liason to the Department of Corrections, and Commissioner Barbara Jo Crea serving as Liaison to the Department of Solid Waste Management.

The Department of Corrections utilizes minimum custody inmates to keep our communities clean. We also assist non-profit organizations and partner with local township public works for clean-ups. On the other hand the Department of Solid Waste Management does outreach and education throughout the county and involves community stakeholders to promote a litter-free Ocean County.