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Department of Solid Waste Management

Plan and Amendments

The Ocean County District Solid Waste Management Plan contains two major components. The first component includes a comprehensive recycling program designed to promote increased recycling efforts. The second component details a landfill management plan, designed to handle materials that are unable to be recycled. The goal of both of these elements is to achieve a consistent increase in the collection of recyclable materials and reduce the amounts of these materials entering the landfill by establishing a strong emphasis on source separation.

Ocean County’s recycling strategy is multifaceted, addressing topics related to the following:

  • Source separation
  • Collection methods for recyclable materials
  • Residential and commercial compliance
  • New development of multifamily residential units, commercial, institutional or industrial properties
  • Prohibition of the collection of solid waste mixed with recyclable materials
  • Enforcement, violations and penalties

These parameters are set in order to achieve maximum recyclable tonnages, which extends the capacity of the designated landfill and equates to revenue by saving on landfill tipping fees.

All material that is unable to be recycled is directed to the Ocean County Landfill Corporation (OCLC) facility, located on Route 70 in Manchester Township. Pursuant to the waste flow requirements of the Solid Waste Management Plan, non-recyclable material is mandated to be disposed of at the OCLC unless destined for an authorized facility located outside of New Jersey. Any hauler who does not follow this requirement is subject to enforcement action.