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Ocean County Board of Commissioners

This list of the individuals who have served as freeholders in Ocean County is taken from the book by Pauline S. Miller and Cynthia H. Smith in Ocean County: Four Centuries in the Making, Ocean County Department of Printing & Graphics, 2000. We encourage corrections and updates. From 1850 to (1912?), 2 board members were selected to represent each municipality in Ocean County. Since then, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners have been elected at large from the entire county population. In 1972, the board was expanded from three to five members.

Commissioner NameYear BeginYear EndHometown
Crea, Barbara Jo 2022PresentLittle Egg Harbor Township
Kelly, John P. 1993PresentEagleswood Township
Haines, Virginia E. 2016PresentToms River Township
Quinn, Gary 2019PresentLacey Township
Sadeghi, Frank 2024PresentIsland Heights Borough
Vicari, Joseph H. 19812023Toms River Township
Little, Gerry P. 20032021Surf City Borough
Bartlett Jr., John C. 19802018Pine Beach Borough
Lacey, James F. 19932015Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Mancini, James 19822003Long Beach Township
Troncone, Mark 19901992Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Brush, Paul 19901992Dover Township
Murray, Damian G. 19811989Dover Township
Buckwald, George 19811989Lakewood Township
Connors, Leonard Jr. 19711981Surf City Borough
Wolf, Warren 19791981Brick Township
Hoffman, George 19781980Lakewood Township
Gluck, Hazel 19771979Lakewood Township
Gasser, Robert 19751979Long Beach Township
Buhr, Ernest 19731979Dover Township
Wolf, Warren 19751977Brick Township
Flynn, Joseph 19741976Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Seaman, Stanley 19701976Tuckerton Borough
Portash, Joseph 19711974Manchester Township
Buckelew, Joseph 19721974Lakewood Township
Hornridge, William 19721973Beachwood Borough
Makin, George 19611972Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Lambertson, Howard 19641970Long Beach Township
Miller, Robert 19601969Dover Township
King, A. 19361964Beach Haven Borough
Chafey, Harold 19341960Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Allardice, James 19551959Dover Township
Brown Jr, Alfred 19441945Dover Township
Newman, Harry 19361944Lakewood Township
Cox, Carrol 19351936Lavallette Borough
Johnson, Forman 19331936Lakewood Township
Brinley, Harold 19321934Dover Township
Applegate, Howard 19251933Lakewood Township
Mathis, E. 19271932Tuckerton Borough
Grant, U. 19261931Dover Township
Butler, Wlliam 19071926Long Beach Township
Savage, W. 19171925Lakewood Township
Holman, Frank 19161924Jackson Township
Hopkins, Harry 19171917Plumsted Township
Newman, Harvey 19161917Lakewood Township
Toner, H. 19161917Dover Township
Hance, Charles 19071917Brick Township
Camp, Joseph 18971917Plumbsted Township
Rogers, Charles 19041917Manchester Township
Holman, J. 19081917Jackson Township
Brand, Charles 19161916Ocean Township
Brown, Oscar 19161916Ocean Township
Yoder, Z. 19161916Berkeley Township
Grant, Nelson 19061916Lacey Township
Hyers, John 18961916Berkeley Township
Disbrow, Dr. R. 19081916Dover Township
Otis, Oscar 19161916Little Egg Harbor Township
Butler, William 19161916Long Beach Township
Kelly, C. 18961916Eagleswood Township
LeCompte, C. 19001914Brick Township
Conrad, David 19061913Ocean Township
Cranmer, T. 19131913Eagleswood Township
Cranmer, W. 19111911Stafford Township
Wilsey, Asa 19061908Dover Township
Chadwick, John 19071907Brick Township
Tilton, John 19001906Lacey Township
Disbrow, Dr. R. 18991906Dover Township
Osborn, J. 19031906Brick Township
Bennett, Edmund 18911906Ocean Township
Rogers, Charles 18981904Manchester Township
Wilbur, 19011904Manchester Township
Sprague, Thomas 19031903Stafford Township
Van Hise, Charles 18971903Jackson Township
Carr, Courtney 18951903Stafford Township
Blake Jr., D. 18971900Lacey Township
Parker, David 18961899Dover Township
Clayton, Edmund 18971899Brick Township
Hayes, David 18941898Manchester Township
Cottrell, Walter 18901897Plumsted Township
Appleget, Barry 18961897Jackson Township
Bennett, Charles 18961897Lacey Township
Jeffery Jr., William 18821896Berkeley Township
Cox, Joseph 18811896Eagleswood Township
Disbrow, R. 18851896Dover Township
Jeffery, Howard 18871896Lacey Township
LeCompte, Charles 18901896Brick Township
Sutton, Samuel 18901894Manchester Township
Nutt, Joseph 18791892Plumsted Township
Stokes, B. 18851891Union Township
Kelley, C. 18861891Eagleswood Township
Birdsall, Jacob 18911891Beach Haven Borough
Cervard, William 18871890Plumsted Township
Blackman, Thomas 18781890Beach Haven Borough
Jones, A. 18781890Ocean Township
Paper, John 18901890Isalnd Heights Borough
Sawyer, 18871890Manchester Township
Havens, Abraham 18851889Brick Township
Hillard, Phinias 18891889Stafford Township
Unknown, 18881888Stafford Township
Williams, Thomas 18881888Stafford Township
Hillard, Phinias 18871888Stafford Township
Forsyth, John 18871887Bay Head Borough
Smith, Charles 18821887Lacey Township
Bean, James 18821887Plumsted Township
Hazelton, Edward 18831887Stafford Township
Schultz, W. 18831887Manchester Township
Cranmer, Eugene 18831886Eagleswood Township
Van Note, Lawrence 18861886Point Pleasant Beach Borough
Giberson, George 18801885Dover Township
Bennett, Edmund 18781885Union Township
Clark, Roderick 18801883Brick Township
Miles, William 18821883Manchester Township
Sprague, William 18821883Stafford Township
Leigh, James 18811882Eagleswood Township
Stout, Benjamin 18811882Lacey Township
Lawrence, Cornelius 18751882Berkeley Township
Hillard, P. 18741882Stafford Township
Holmes, Benjamin 18791881Lacey Township
Pharo, Samuel 18791881Eagleswood Township
Williams, David 18741881Lacey Township
Aumack, John 18711880Dover Township
Rogers, Charles 18781879Manchester Township
Cox, Joseph 18761879Eagleswood Township
Stidfold, A. 18761879Plumsted Township
Bradshaw, Albert 18781879Brick Township
Emely, A. 18771878Manchester Township
Jeffery, William 18761878Berkeley Township
Gulick, Henry 18751878Union Township
Sutton, John 18741877Manchester Township
Osborn, John 18751877Brick Township
Jameson, Edwin 18751876Plumsted Township
Pharo, Thomas 18751876Eagleswood Township
Hartshore, Wright 18721875Plumsted Township
Cox, William 18741875Union Township
Wood, Richard 18731874Stafford Township
Larabee, L. 18741874Brick Township
Birdsall, Samuel 18711874Union Township
Snyder, Benjamin 18711874Brick Township
Blodgett, Rufus 18731874Manchester Township
Cranmer, J. 18691873Stafford Township
Bennett, A. 18721873Manchester Township
Conover, R. 18691872Plumsted Township
Montgomery, A. 18711872Manchester Township
Montgomery, 18711872Dover Township
Havens, John 18611871Brick Township
Errickson, 18691871Union Township
Hooper, Thomas 18701871Dover Township
Jeffery, William 18641870Dover Township
Shinn, J. 18661869Plumsted Township
Pharo, Joseph 18671869Union Township
Emson, Ephraim 18671869Jackson Township
Oliphant, Samuel 18681869Stafford Township
Cranmer, Isaiah 18651868Stafford Township
Parker, 18651867Union Township
Allen, John 18611867Jackson Township
Collier, Charles 18641866Plumsted Township
Predmore, Benjamin 18621865Union Township
Jennings, Isaac 18641865Stafford Township
Allen, 18531863Plumsted Township
Haywood, Joel 18621862Stafford Township
Gulick, Horatio 18591862Union Township
Wilkins, Joseph 18601862Stafford Township
Hulme, John 18601862Plumsted Township
Stricklin, Cornelius 18541860Brick Township
Applegat, Barry 18581860Jackson Township
Willittis, John 18581860Stafford Township
Parker, 18541859Union Township
Brown, Amos 18571858Stafford Township
Davis, 18561858Jackson Township
Johnson, George 18561857Stafford Township
Hull, Randolph 18531857Stafford Township
, Cornelius 18551856Dover Township
Unknown, 18521856Dover Township
Mathews, Joseph 18521856Jackson Township
Francis, William 18501856Jackson Township
Johnson, George 18531855Brick Township
Morgan, John 18541855Plumsted Township
Hooper, William 18541855Stafford Township
Shaffer, 18541855Union Township
Cowperthwait, George 18521854Dover Township
Falkinburg, Amos 18501854Union Township
Emlay, William 18521854Plumsted Township
Gulick, Horatio 18511853Stafford Township
Tilton, James 18511853Brick Township
Oliphant, Joseph 18521853Stafford Township
Rogers, James 18511853Plumsted Township
Stout, Benjamin 18511853Union Township
Hill, William 18501853Brick Township
Bennett, George 18501852Jackson Township
Nutt, Joel 18501852Plumsted Township
Oliphant, Samuel 18501852Stafford Township
Ivins, Anthony 18511852Dover Township
Irons, Aaron 18501851Dover Township
Predmore, Hohn 18501851Union Township
Shreve, Edwin 18501851Plumsted Township
Dunham, Samuel 18501851Dover Township
Hooper, William 18501851Stafford Township
Snyder, Benjamin 18501850Brick Township

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