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Hunting Clubs in Ocean County

Ocean County has been the site of many hunting clubs from Sportsmen’s Hotels on the Barrier Islands to duck hunting shacks on the meadows of Barnegat Bay and various Deer Hunting Clubs in the Pinelands. The following list is a work in progress and we would appreciate input on names, dates, locations and notable guides associated with each club including clubs that we have left out at this point.

The basic research on the Barnegat Bay Duck Hunting Clubs is collected in Barnegat Bay Decoys and Hunting Clubs by Patricia H. Burke, 1993, Surf Printing, Manahawkin, New Jersey. Additional research has been conducted by Kathy Conrad in association with the Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum in Tuckerton, New Jersey. The staffs of the Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission have also contributed to this list.

Club NameTypeYearsLocation
"Concrete Box"Duck Huntingc. 1915between Goose Bar and Barrel Island, NJ
"Cream Puff Castle" Gun ClubDuck Huntingat least 1943-1957Flat Creek meadows
Barnegat Rod and Gunning ClubDuck HuntingBarnegat
Bay Ridge Gunning HouseDuck Huntingearly-1900sBarnegat
Bayside Inn (Margo's)Duck HuntingManahawkin, NJ
Beck's FarmDuck Huntingat least 1915
Big Creek/Star Shanty
Bonnet Gun Club ("The Duck Inn" or "Martin's Box")Duck Huntingc. 1886 - at least 1950sBonnet Island, North of the Causeway, LBI, NJ
Bonnet Gunning Association (Mansion Cove Gunning Club)Duck HuntingBonnet Gunning Association incorporated 1889Surf City, NJ
Bonnet Gunning ClubDuck Hunting Club1921Cedar Bonnet Island, Manahawkin, NJ
Cape Horn/Bob Suralik
Carvel Island Gun Club (Surf City Gun Club)Duck Huntingformed 1927Surf City, NJ
Chadwick HouseDuck Huntingat least 1875Chadwick Beach, NJ
Channel Cove Gun ClubDuck HuntingWest Creek, NJ
Clam Island Gunning ClubDuck Hunting1916Barnegat Bay, NJ
Corinthian Yacht and Gun Club (formerly Beach Haven Gun Club)Duck Hunting1904-c. 1984Marine Street and Beach Avenue, Beach Haven, NJ
Crab Island
Daniel Island/Jay Parker's HouseboatDuck Hunting
Dinner Point Gun ClubDuck Huntingat least 1975-1985Great Bay
Dog Island
Drag Sedge Gun ClubDuck Hunting
Eagle Bay
Egg Island
Elder Point
Fish Factory
Flat Creek Gun Club ("Hilton")Duck Hunting
Fresh Creek Gun ClubDuck Huntingat least 1973
Go Through Creek (Jack Webb's Gun Club, Ray Kennedy Houseboat, Rodger West Houseboat)Duck HuntingWest of Marshelder Point, last bridge - left side, NJ
Goose Cove/Mullica River
Grassy Bay
Gunning River Gun ClubDuck HuntingBarnegat
Half Moon/Wading River
Happy Days Gunning ClubDuck Huntingc. 1920Rt. 72 Causeway, Long Beach Island, NJ
Harvey Sedges Islands Assocation, Inc.Duck Huntingincorporated 1930sBarnegat Bay
Hester Sedge Gun Club1926Hither Island, Ocean County, NJ
Hester Sedge Gun ClubDuck Huntingincorporated 1920sGreat Bay, NJ
High Bar Fishing and Gunning ClubDuck Hunting1916High Bar Sedge Islands and Sheepshead Shoal
Hither Island Gun ClubDuck Huntingc. 1890
Hoffman Point
Island Beach (Reed Hotel or Haring Hotel)Duck Huntingmid-1800sNine Mile or Island Beach, Below Ortley Beach
Italian American Sportsman Club now known as The American Sportsmen Club of New JerseyDeer Hunting1935200 Route 539, Whiting, NJ
Little Beach
Little Beach ClubDuck Huntingat least 1920s-1990off of Barnegat Inlet on Little Beach meadows
Little Crooked Thorofare
Little Island Gun ClubDuck Huntingoff of Beach Haven, NJ
Log Creek Pond (Herchel "Skinny" Abbott Gun Club or Cy Cranmer's Cabin)Duck Hunting
Long Point/Breezy InnDuck Huntingearly-1900s- January 20, 1921Long Point at Parker's Run, Parkertown, NJ
Main Point Gun ClubDuck HuntingManahawkin, NJ
Main Point Gun ClubDuck Hunting
Marshelder Island Gun ClubDuck Hunting
Middle Island Gun ClubDuck Huntingearly-1900s- c. 1990sGreat Bay, NJ
Mill Creek Gun ClubDuck Huntingat least 1952Manahawkin, NJ
Peahala Gun ClubDuck Huntingc. 1860-June 7, 1940Peahala Park, one mile south of Brant Beach, NJ
Pettit Point Gun Club (Bill Oilder Gun Club)Duck HuntingPetttit Point, NJ
Sandy Island Gun ClubDuck Huntingincorporated 1922-rebuilt after Febraury 9, 1994 fire
Sedge Island Gunning ClubDuck Huntingc. 1902Great Sedge Islands, Island Beach State Park
Seven Island Gun Club
Sheepshead CreekDuck HuntingTuckerton, NJ
Shelter Island (Johnny Cranmer & Harvey Parker's Houseboat)Duck Huntingearly-1900sShelter Island, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Story Island Gun ClubDuck Hunting
Turtle Cove Gun ClubDuck HuntingSouth Shore of Turtle Cove, North of Causeway Bridge to LBI, Stafford Township, NJ
Turtle Cove Gunning ClubDuck Hunting1942Turtle Cove, Manahawkin, NJ
Turtle Creek Gun ClubDuck HuntingBarnegat, NJ
Uncle Jakey's TavernDuck Hunting1811Mantoloking, NJ
Uncle Tommy Cook'sDuck Hunting1872Point Pleasant, NJ
Wally Chapman Club HouseDuck HuntingNorth Shore of Turtle Cove, NJ
Waretown Rod and Gun ClubWaretown, NJ
Whale Bone Gun Club (off shoot of Clam Island Gun Club)Duck Hunting
Woods Island Gun Club ("The Bungalow")Duck Hunting1903-destroyed by fire 1932Woods Island, Harvey Cedars, NJ

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