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Ocean County Department Directors

This list of Ocean County Department directors is based on the work initiated by Pauline S. Miller and Cynthia H. Smith in Ocean County: Four Centuries in the Making, Ocean County Department of Printing & Graphics, 2000. We encourage corrections and updates.

DepartmentNameYear BeginYear End
Adjuster/CounselCarmichael, Isaac W.18951912
Adjuster/CounselBerry, Maja Leon19121925
Adjuster/CounselEwart, Howard19251927
Adjuster/CounselJayne Jr., Wilfred H.19281933
Adjuster/CounselMcCloskey, W. Durward19331944
Adjuster/CounselCamp, Percy19441967
Adjuster/CounselHiering, William T.19671970
Adjuster/CounselBerry Jr., Franklin H.19712000
Adjuster/CounselSahradnik, John C.2000Present
AdministatorFiure, Michael J.2023Present
AdministratorPike, Charles19731977
AdministratorHolman, Frank B.19771982
AdministratorBurdge, Kenneth19821982
AdministratorGluck, Hazel F.19821982
AdministratorKennedy, James19831984
AdministratorMabie, Benjamin H.19841990
AdministratorKing, A. Paul19901994
AdministratorPollock, Steven L.19942005
AdministratorAvery Jr., Alan W.20052010
AdministratorBlock, Carl W.20102022
Board of Social ServicesThompson, Lila W.19321933
Board of Social ServicesElwell, Margaret W.19331951
Board of Social ServicesLeCompte, Herbert M.19511960
Board of Social ServicesGlasco, Edna M.19601971
Board of Social ServicesKeil, Myra19711979
Board of Social ServicesBearmore, Beverly J.19792007
Board of Social ServicesMcFadden, Mary Fran20072012
Board of Social ServicesMurtagh, Linda20122021
Board of Social ServicesSheehan,Meredith2022Present
Board of TaxationConover, C.N.19161918
Board of TaxationHolman, J. G.19191921
Board of TaxationHallock, G.W.19221932
Board of TaxationShuts, Oren E.19331935
Board of TaxationMathis, Sylvester B.19361938
Board of TaxationHolman, J. Chester19391977
Board of TaxationFox, John R.19771992
Board of TaxationBurlazzi, G. Fred19922004
Board of TaxationRaney, Barbara20042008
Board of TaxationVituscka, Lawrence Ozzie20082011
Board of TaxationRaney, Barbara20122013
Board of TaxationSkuby, Chelsea2013Present
Buildings & GroundsMathis, Harold19631981
Buildings & GroundsBuck, Jr., Wilbur G19812004
Buildings & GroundsDelia, Vincent20042007
Buildings & GroundsSantos, William A.20072013
Buildings & GroundsMeyers, Joseph J.2014Present
Business Development and TourismDiPaola, Jeanne20122013
Business Development and TourismLancellotti, Dana20132020
Business Development and TourismLazzaro, Sandra2021Present
Clerk of the BoardCombs, Gilbert18501851
Clerk of the BoardMcLean,18521853
Clerk of the BoardJames, William18541863
Clerk of the BoardSpeer, Francis J.18641868
Clerk of the BoardLow, William A.18691871
Clerk of the BoardAbbe, Warren A.18721875
Clerk of the BoardDay, Edward18761877
Clerk of the BoardMiddleton, Thomas W.18781894
Clerk of the BoardFischer, William H.18951906
Clerk of the BoardLeCompte, Charles19071909
Clerk of the BoardParker, D.O.19101925
Clerk of the BoardBunnell, Fred19261931
Clerk of the BoardAllardice, James K.19311955
Clerk of the BoardCarter, Emily L.19551977
Clerk of the BoardKing, A. Paul19781982
Clerk of the BoardKyne Jr., Harold J.19821984
Clerk of the BoardWaskovich, Thomas R.19841987
Clerk of the BoardHennessy, Daniel J.19872006
Clerk of the BoardVasil, Betty2006Present
Clerk of the BoardCilento, Mary Ann20182021
Clerk of the BoardGunther, Michelle I.2022Present
College PresidentMoreland, Andrew S.19641979
College PresidentSilver, George19801982
College PresidentShaw, Milton19822000
College PresidentLarson, Dr. Jon H.2000Present
ComptrollerWohlgemuth, Joseph C.19781978
ComptrollerMullins, James T.1978-791996
ComptrollerTarrant, Julie N.1996Present
Construction InspectionPetit, Al19??19??
Construction InspectionScanlon193019??
Construction InspectionSchultz, Julius19691971
Construction InspectionMcCullough, Robert A.19791984
Construction InspectionMabie, Benjamin H.19791980
Construction InspectionEmerson, Joseph19801984
Construction InspectionMcCullough, Robert A.19842009
Construction InspectionScaturro, Stephen20062019
Construction InspectionWright, Eugene2020Present
Consumer AffairsGluck, Hazel F.19731976
Consumer AffairsMurray, Damian G.19761978
Consumer AffairsRozier, Elizabeth S.19781982
Consumer AffairsLeake, Kenneth J.19822006
Consumer AffairsScaturro, Stephen20062022
Consumer AffairsMcBride, Edward20222023
Consumer AffairsHeinzman, Ronald2023Present
County ClerkJames, William I.18501860
County ClerkIrons, John J.18501850
County ClerkCornelius, Ivins D.18601870
County ClerkCrane, William A.18701875
County ClerkErrickson, William18751880
County ClerkJames, William J.18801887
County ClerkMathis, Charles B.18871888
County ClerkHavens, Abram C. B.18881903
County ClerkHolman, George H.19031913
County ClerkErnst, John A.19131948
County ClerkMathis, Sylvester B.19481955
County ClerkGrant, LeRoy19551956
County ClerkBurdge Edward K.19561975
County ClerkBurdge, E. Kenneth19761982
County ClerkHaines, M. Dean19832004
County ClerkBlock, Carl W.20042010
County ClerkColabella, Scott M.2011Present
Cultural & HeritageMcGorty, Kevin19761983
Cultural & HeritageMiller, Pauline S.19832002
Cultural & HeritageSmith, Cynthia H.20012008
Cultural & HeritageDandeo, Lindsay A.20082009
Cultural & HeritageHart, Timothy G.2009Present
Election BoardMenniger, Lewis E.
Election BoardThompson, Henry
Election BoardHilliard, Leila
Election BoardHaines, Edward W.
Election BoardOttervanger, Henry G.
Election BoardDoherty, Robert H.
Election BoardBrandt, C. Earl
Election BoardAgnoli, Bruno
Election BoardSilverman, Rueben
Election BoardKrupnick, Phoebe
Election BoardChidester, Joan C.
Election BoardBuckelew, Joseph E.
Election BoardMabie, Benjamin H.
Election BoardSantoro, Alfonso L.
Election BoardPortash, Adelaide
Election BoardDolan, Catherine M.
Election BoardSage, Matthew R.Present
Election BoardJohnson, W.
Election BoardCranmer, Sophie
Election BoardBertsch, Mrs. Charlie I.
Election BoardSilvers, Charles S.
Election BoardEigner, Antonia A.
Election BoardTakacs, Joseph
Election BoardGrippen, Nellie
Election BoardLee, Mary E.
Election BoardEdwards, Margaret M.
Election BoardGill, Agnes A.
Election BoardReaves, Betty A.
Election BoardLegreide, Diane M.
Election BoardDeBow, James J.
Election BoardNewman, Daniel
Election BoardBaduig, Herman
Election BoardLillie, Kenneth E.
Election BoardStanford, May R.
Election BoardGutenberg, Charles
Election BoardGilmore, George R.Present
Election BoardEarp, WyattPresent
Election BoardSchenkolewski, Rabbi IsraelPresent
Election BoardCruser, William H.
Election BoardFrenese, Henry
Election BoardGrover, Joseph
Election BoardVan Note, L. D.
Election BoardIrons, George H.
Election BoardDunn, Malcolm
Election BoardDeFrutas, Lawrence E.
Election BoardHolmann,III, Frank B.20192022
Election BoardGilmore, George2023Present
Employee RelationsHolman, Frank B.19601964
Employee RelationsMabie, Benjamin H.19641965
Employee RelationsWeber, Joseph19661974
Employee RelationsHolman, Frank B.19741977
Employee RelationsQuick, Vincent19771979
Employee RelationsBrown, John F.19791981
Employee RelationsKing, A. Paul19821991
Employee RelationsGoetting, Keith J.19912019
Employee RelationsGreitz, Robert A.2020Present
Energy CouncilBurt, Sally T.19741995
Energy CouncilScaturro, Stephen20062022
Energy CouncilMcBride, Edward2023Present
EngineeringAbbott, John M.19191926
EngineeringShinn, Harry C.19261946
EngineeringRemmington, Jr., J. C.19461951
EngineeringWagner, Lawrence F.19511972
EngineeringLane, Richard E.19732000
EngineeringLotrecchio, Ronald20002008
EngineeringScarantino, Frank20082016
EngineeringErnst, John N.2016Present
Environmental AgencyCooper, A. Morton19711986
Environmental AgencyRippey, Jr., Donald M.19861987
Environmental AgencyWalnut, A. Jerome1987
Environmental AgencyGreene, Karen2010Present
Extension ServiceCooley, Louis191719??
Extension ServiceWatie,19191936
Extension ServiceFawcett, James B.19361938
Extension ServiceBidlack, Herbert19381946
Extension ServiceHartment, Richard P.19461969
Extension ServiceCarlson, Alfred W.19691990
Extension ServiceButler, Sonia W.19901997
Extension ServiceFlimlin, George E.19972016
Extension ServiceYergeau, PhD., Steven20162022
Extension Service (Co- Extention Department Head)Kinsey, Joanne2023Present
Extension Service (Co- Extention Department Head)Zemeckis, Dr. Douglas2023Present
FinanceHolman, J. Goodrich19171918
FinanceHolman, James19191920
FinanceCranmer, Theodore19211941
FinanceMathis, Thomas A.19421959
FinanceLang, Margaret19601964
FinanceMathis, W. Steelman19651966
FinanceMabie, Benjamin H.19671968
FinanceWoods, John G.19691975
FinanceVan Nostrand, Richard19761978
FinanceBuhr, Ernast A.19791985
FinanceMiller, Isabelle G.19871989
FinanceHendrickson, John T.19901991
FinanceMullins, James T.19921996
FinanceTarrant, Julie N.1996Present
Fire MarshalMulligan, Daniel P.1986Present
Health DepartmentBrown, Evelyn Cox193019??
Health DepartmentKennedy, Thomas E.19611971
Health DepartmentKauffman, Charles19711991
Health DepartmentRoeschke, Herbert W.19911996
Health DepartmentPrzywara, Joseph J.19962006
Health DepartmentBoyd, DVM, Dr. Ella20062010
Health DepartmentRegenye, Daniel E.2010Present
Human ServicesSilver, Jane H.19801989
Human ServicesLiguori, Faith C.19962004
Human ServicesDeRosa, Marcella20042006
Human ServicesPerez, Jill20062015
Human ServicesMaksel, Tracy2015Present
Information TechnologyPonsetti, Peter R.19701976
Information TechnologySperber, Harry19761978
Information TechnologyMullener, Floyd H.19781984
Information TechnologyAsay, Howard J.19842015
Information TechnologyBavais, Edward20152018
Information TechnologyJohn Vollmann20182020
Information TechnologyMycoff, Mary Lou2021Present
Jury ManagementElmer, Lois19881994
Juvenile ServicesFinn, James A.19681969
Juvenile ServicesHerzog, Gary19691980
Juvenile ServicesHutler, Theodore19811983
Juvenile ServicesCoughlin, Robert19832008
Juvenile ServicesBowden, Gerald W.20082014
Juvenile ServicesHopson, Walter2014Present
Juvenile ServicesCarman, Jon2018Present
LibraryDoolittle, Margaret19281936
LibraryKrieg, Laurel19371948
LibraryEvans, Miriam R.19481971
LibraryMott, Schuler L.19711977
LibraryGarcia, Joseph E.19771980
LibraryElstein, Herman19801983
LibraryMcConnell, Elaine19842009
LibraryQuinn, Susan2009Present
Management & BudgetHarding, Joseph J.19972007
Management & BudgetPatterson , Ralph20072014
Management & BudgetFiure, Michael J.20142022
Management & BudgetCollins, Tristin J.2023Present
Medical ExaminerTrustan, M.D., George D.19681970
Medical ExaminerCorrigan, M.D., Walter19701990
Medical ExaminerKaye, D. O. , James H.19902006
Medical ExaminerSantangelo III, M.D., Donato2006Present
Mosquito ExterminationJohnson, Steven19151950
Mosquito ExterminationHenderson, Walter D.19501969
Mosquito ExterminationLesser, Fredrerick H.19691979
Mosquito ExterminationCandeletti, Thomas M.19792013
Mosquito ExterminationRomanowski, Michael20132021
Mosquito ExterminationSenyk, Michael2022Present
Ocean Assignment JudgeBlake, Arthur19851986
Ocean Assignment JudgeSerpentelli, Eugene D.19862007
Ocean Assignment JudgeGrasso,Vincent J.20072015
Ocean Assignment JudgeLynch Ford, Marlene20152022
Ocean Assignment JudgeHodgson, Jr., Francis2023Present
Ocean JudgeMartin, Albert C.18961907
Ocean JudgeBerry, Maja Leon19071912
Ocean JudgeLowe, George C.19141917
Ocean JudgeNewman, Harry E.19221927
Ocean JudgeCallagher, Arthur C.19271932
Ocean JudgeGiordano, John C.19321933
Ocean JudgeConover, Russell C.19331937
Ocean JudgeCamp, Percy19371942
Ocean JudgeGiordano, John C.19421944
Ocean JudgeV.C., Jayne, Wilfred H.19421948
Ocean JudgeNewman, Harry E.19441952
Ocean JudgeEwart , Howard JSC19511957
Ocean JudgeLarrabee, Albert S.19521957
Ocean JudgeEwart, John J.19551962
Ocean/Burlington Assignment JudgeMartino, Edward V. AJSC19691976
Ocean/Burlington Assignment JudgeLenox Jr., Samuel D.19761981
Ocean/Burlington Assignment JudgeHaines, Martin19811985
Parks & RecreationBuswell, Fred19411957
Parks & RecreationClayton, W. Aubrey19571976
Parks & RecreationMurray, Roger19761977
Parks & RecreationBirmingham, John19771980
Parks & RecreationGrosso Jr., Andrew J.19801994
Parks & RecreationKing, A. Paul19942001
Parks & RecreationChlebowski, Dean V.20012003
Parks & RecreationMangum, Michael T.20032024
Parks & RecreationBavais, Mary Jane2024Present
PlanningOross, E. Eugene19581962
PlanningPortash,Joseph S.19621969
PlanningWagner, Lawrence F.19691972
PlanningThomas, Thomas A.19731977
PlanningPaczkowski, Andrew C.19771978
PlanningPollock, Steven L.19781994
PlanningAvery, Jr., Alan W.19942005
PlanningMcKeon, David J.20062017
PlanningAgliata,Anthony M. PP,LLA2017Present
Printing & GraphicsHibbert, Edmond B.19671982
Printing & GraphicsEarle, Wes19821983
Printing & GraphicsCadenhead, Jerry P.19832000
Printing & Graphicsokrasinski, Peter20002003
Printing & GraphicsStory, Richard20032006
Printing & GraphicsAmato, Carmen F.2005Present
ProsecuterBillhimer, Bradley D.2018Present
ProsecutorPaterson, Jehu18501853
ProsecutorSpeer, Francis J.18531863
ProsecutorMasker, William A.18631867
ProsecutorMartin, Albert C.18671872
ProsecutorMiddleton, Thomas W.18721897
ProsecutorBrown, Theodore J. R.18971912
ProsecutorNewman, Harry G.19121917
ProsecutorPlumer, Richard C.19171922
ProsecutorJayne Jr., Wilfred H.19221927
ProsecutorDavis, James Mercer19271933
ProsecutorRobbins, Leo19331944
ProsecutorLederer, Robert19441959
ProsecutorEwart, Howard19591962
ProsecutorHuber, William H.19621967
ProsecutorDoherty, Robert H.19671970
ProsecutorAnton, Martin B.19711976
ProsecutorTurnbach, Edward J.19761987
ProsecutorHolzapfel, James W.19871992
ProsecutorCarluccio, Daniel J.19921997
ProsecutorMilliard, E. David19972002
ProsecutorKelaher, Thomas F.20022007
ProsecutorLynch Ford, Marlene20072013
ProsecutorCoronato, Joseph D.20132018
Public AffairsBunnell, Fred19351941
Public AffairsLamping, Jack19411978
Public AffairsO'Rourke, Don19781992
Public AffiarsSteele, Barbara W.19932012
Public InformationFlynn, Donna2012Present
PurchashingHarding, Joseph J.19772007
PurchasingReilly, Cornelius H19741977
PurchasingPatterson, Ralph20072013
PurchasingFuire, Michael J.20142022
PurchasingCollins, Tristin J.2023Present
Risk ManagementQuick, Vincent19791980
Risk ManagementCicalese, James19801994
Risk ManagementGilmour, William19941999
Risk ManagementGoetting, Keith J.1999Present
Risk ManagementNoto, Maryann20042020
Risk ManagementDepaola, Antoinette2021Present
Road DepartmentHolman, John W.19041927
Road DepartmentCox, Charles H.19281965
Road DepartmentStout, Everett19651977
Road DepartmentCorlis, Alden19781982
Road DepartmentMabie, Benjamin H.19832004
Road DepartmentChilders, Stephen F.20042011
Road DepartmentCurcio, John Thomas20112018
Road DepartmentWaters, Scott2019Present
SecurityMarcus, Laurence19802004
SecurityStory, Richard20052006
SecurityRoma, Ronald2006Present
Senior ServicesWacker, Arthur19701974
Senior ServicesRubenstein, Philip19742004
Senior ServicesMaloney, D. Jane20042014
Senior ServicesRohan, Jacqueline T.2014Present
Senior ServicesLaFace, Maria2018Present
SheriffParker, Joseph18501853
SheriffIvins, Edward W.18531856
SheriffGravatt, George18561859
SheriffAumack, Benjamin F.18591862
SheriffCourtney, John B.18621865
SheriffWardell, Charles H.18651868
SheriffGravatt, George18681871
SheriffHulit, Thomas S.18711872
SheriffCourtney, John B.18721874
SheriffRobbins, Clayton18741878
SheriffHolman, Charles L.18781881
SheriffAllen, James J.18811884
SheriffHolman, George H.18871890
SheriffHolman, Charles L.18871890
SheriffHagman, John18901893
SheriffChambers, Frank M.18931896
SheriffJeffrey, Howard18961899
SheriffDowney, Adam W.18991902
SheriffCarr, Courtney C.19021905
SheriffJeffrey, Howard19051908
SheriffCox, Charles H.19081911
SheriffTilton, Frank19111914
SheriffBrown Jr., Alfred W.19141917
SheriffWilsey, Asa T.19171918
SheriffChafey, Howard19181921
SheriffHolman, Joseph L.19211924
SheriffGrant, John A. G.19241927
SheriffHolman, Joseph L.19271930
SheriffChafey, Harold19301933
SheriffHensler, James R.19331935
SheriffApplegate, Walter H.19351938
SheriffAdams, Alexander19351935
SheriffMathis, Sylvester B.19381941
SheriffMenninger, Lewis E.19411944
SheriffMathis, Sylvester B.19441947
SheriffMenninger, Lewis E.19471956
SheriffRoe, Harry19561964
SheriffRutter, James N.19641979
SheriffBrown, Arthur F.19801985
SheriffPolhemus, William L.19852012
SheriffSommeling, William T. (Acting)20122014
SheriffMastronardy, Michael G.2014Present
Solid WastePollock, Steven19851994
Solid WasteAvery, Jr., Alan W.19942005
Solid WasteKuhlwein, Jr., Ernest J.2005Present
Solid WasteAgliata, Anthony2019Present
Superintendent of SchoolsAhearn, Kevin W.2020
Superintendent of SchoolsBrown, William F.18671870
Superintendent of SchoolsLonan, Edward M.18701896
Superintendent of SchoolsNorth, F.A.18961902
Superintendent of SchoolsTilton, Peter19021906
Superintendent of SchoolsMorris, Charles19061944
Superintendent of SchoolsBair, Carl M.19441956
Superintendent of SchoolsWilden, Charles F.19561968
Superintendent of SchoolsWhite, William F.19681980
Superintendent of SchoolsZach, Joseph F.19801992
Superintendent of SchoolsRielly, Lucille19922004
Superintendent of SchoolsGreenfield, Bruce20042009
Superintendent of SchoolsDowd, Thomas20102013
Superintendent of SchoolsPassiment, Joseph20132014
Superintendent of SchoolsMcMahon, Thomas20142015
Superintendent of SchoolsFlora, Todd20152016
Superintendent of SchoolsDeStefano-Anen, Ed.D., Judith2016
Superintendent of SchoolsMuller, Charles2021Present
SurrogateRogers, David I. C.18501850
SurrogateHarrison, Thomas C.18501855
SurrogateGulick, John H.18551860
SurrogateShinn, Lewis18591865
SurrogateAbbott, Walter18651870
SurrogateGulick, John H.18701874
SurrogateIrons, Augustus W.18741879
SurrogatePotter, Charles W.18801886
SurrogateWilkes, Emanuel H.18861887
SurrogateWardell, Charles H.18871897
SurrogateGrover, Joseph18971912
SurrogateThompson. Otto C.19121918
SurrogateGrant, U.S.19181923
SurrogateFogg, Clinton O.19231938
SurrogateGrover, Percy L.19381945
SurrogateGrover, C. Stanley19451975
SurrogateWoods, John G.19751977
SurrogateStanzione, Alphonse A.19771982
SurrogateSussex, Anthony G.19821993
SurrogateFischer, Franklin V.19932002
SurrogateMoran, Jeffrey W.2003Present
TransportationWaskovich, Tom19982004
TransportationEdmond, Kathleen C.19982013
TransportationFitzgerald, Dave2013Present
Utilities AuthorityGritzuk, Michael19731984
Utilities AuthorityHolland, Robert S.19841999
Utilities AuthorityWatte, Richard M.19991999
Utilities AuthorityWarren, Richard M.1999-20002016
Utilities AuthorityMarcoon, Keith B.2016Present
Vehicle ServicesWaskovich, Thomas19982004
Vehicle ServicesPine, James R.2002
Vehicle ServicesMcCarthy, Brian W.20192020
Veterans ServicesLomell, Leonard G.19461948
Veterans ServicesSpitzer, Albert19481977
Veterans ServicesMonroe, Jerry19771978
Veterans ServicesRussell, Virginia19781978
Veterans ServicesSkinner, Jerry19781978
Veterans ServicesZehnter, Robert19781989
Veterans ServicesSt. Laurent, E. Larry19892003
Veterans ServicesDorrity, John P.2003Present
Veterans ServicesMcBride, Jr., Edward20212021
Veterans ServicesZimmerman, Jr., George R. P.2022Present
Vo-Tech SuperintendentSchierberl, Edward J.19611962
Vo-Tech SuperintendentMiller, Kenneth E.19621964
Vo-Tech SuperintendentCapaldi, Lewis J.19651966
Vo-Tech SuperintendentHenry, William G.19661989
Vo-Tech SuperintendentNewman, Robert C.19891991
Vo-Tech SuperintendentFelice, Frederick W.19912002
Vo-Tech SuperintendentHoey, Jr., William P.2002
Vo-Tech SuperintendentHomielk, Karen2019Present
WardenHutler Jr., Theodore J.19852014
WardenMueller, Sandra J.20152021
WardenValenti, Joseph M.2022Present
Weight & MeasuresBrooks, Bartholomew H.19992006
Weights & MeasuresUnknown19121918
Weights & MeasuresOtis, G. Sabine19181960
Weights & MeasuresBurd Jr., Malcolm19601992
Weights & MeasuresHulme, William19921993
Weights & MeasuresLeake, Kenneth20012006
Weights & MeasuresScaturro, Stephen20062022
Weights & MeasuresWieck, Barry2010Present
Weights & MeasuresMcBride, Edward2023Present
Weights & MeauresKernasovic, Robert L.19932000

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